Our Leadership Team


At Mustard Seed Project, our leadership is composed of individuals who deeply care about combating chronic homelessness, donating their time to make the organization what it is today.

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Martin K. Arceo, Project Developer

Martin started the project as a sophomore student at UC Riverside, working street outreach and holding seminars on the state of homelessness in the community. His role in the organization is to create an agenda, establish goals and performance standards, and control the affairs of and activities of the officers. Martin graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Environmental Systems from UC San Diego. Martin also currently works as Programs Director at Uplift San Diego.


Alysha worked with Martin to establish the second chapter of MSP at UC San Diego, where she went on to succeed him as President. Her role in the organization is to manage team meetings, schedules, and communication. Alysha graduated UC San Diego with a B.S. in Cognitive Science w/ Specialization in Neuroscience. Alysha currently works at the PCND Neuroscience Research Institute as a Clinical Trial Study Coordinator and Research Associate.

Alysha Ali

Director of Operations


Antoinette’s first experience with homelessness in her community is with MSP, where she joined as a friend of Martin’s. Her role in the organization is to audit monthly and annual spending, as well as approve yearly budgets. Antoinette graduated UC Santa Barbara, where she got her B.A. in Economics and Accounting. She currently works at Ernst & Young, LLP as a Mobility Staff in Peoples Advisory Services.

Antoinette Nguyen

Director of Finance


Cecily worked with Martin to establish the chapter at SDSU, which she then runs as the President. Her role at MSP includes: managing onboarding, campus registration, volunteer compliance, and recruitment for all chapters, monitoring ongoing chapter operations, and fostering volunteer professional skills and character development. Cecily is a Junior at SDSU, currently pursuing a B.A in Comparative International Studies with a minor in Chinese.

Cecily Ma

Director of Chapter Programs


Hannah joined the organization as a regular volunteer, working with Martin to create the Volunteer Service Navigation program. She is responsible for managing schedules and all operations of volunteer service navigators, as well as  establishing service navigation guidelines and performance standards. Hannah is currently a 4rd year Biochemistry and Cell Biology Major at UC San Diego, with an interest in social work.

Hannah Rishik

Director of Service Navigations


Seti joined MSP as a Social Chair for the San Diego State University (SDSU) chapter, transitioning into her current alumni position. She manages MSP’s social media - website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram - as well as writes monthly newsletter and coordinates consistent branding across all social platforms. Seti graduated SDSU with a B.S. in Public Health, and is now pursuing her Masters degree in the same field at UC Los Angeles.

Seti Akhavan

Director of Publicity


Her first experience with homelessness in her community is with MSP, where she joined as a friend of Seti’s. Tina is responsible for creating the designs and graphics for the organization, managing the design committee, and reporting on design updates and social media outreach. Tina graduated UC Los Angeles, with a B.A. in Sociology, and is currently pursuing a career in dentistry.

Tina Lavaf

Director of Content Creation


Erikka first joined MSP as a regular volunteer, working her way up through dedication and passion for the organization’s mission. Her role at the MSP is to establish the overall strategy behind data collection, storage, and management. Erikka graduated UCSD with a  Bioinformatics Major (Bio Dept) and a minor in Computer Science at UC San Diego. Erikka now works as a software engineer at Illumina

Erikka Linn

Director of Data and Analysis


Geetha worked as the President of MSP’s UC Riverside chapter. She manages, develops, and coordinates all new chapter recruitments, as well as oversee all marketing strategies and social media and ad campaigns relating to fundraising efforts. Geetha is currently pursuing her B.A. in Psychology at UC Riverside, as well as works at My Digital TAT2 as an educator and Academic Resource Center as a peer mentor.

Geetha Chandroth

Director of Recruitment


He joined MSP as a regular volunteer at UC San Diego, working his way up to an Outreach Coordinator to his current position. Quoc is responsible for creating project-level fundraising campaigns, establishing fundraising infrastructure between chapters, as well as writing grants. Quoc graduated Uc San Diego with a B.A. in Economics. He is currently working as an Emergency Medical Technician to pursue a career in medicine.

Quoc Nguyen

Director of Fundraising