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We are fighting homelessness by providing service navigation, one client at a time. However, sometimes, volunteer and passion alone aren't enough to make a big enough change.

As volunteers, we rely solely on the generosity of others to make our goals possible. All of the money we receive goes directly into our services: outreach, community advocacy, and homelessness education.

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Donate to our Community Relief Fund

At the start of every academic school year, Mustard Seed Project is dedicated to accomplishing a single goal that we set for ourselves. In the upcoming months, we are holding a concerted effort to raise $10,000 in Community Relief Fund to provide emergency funding for homeless prevention and tenancy to combat the Renter's crisis that is to come after COVID-19

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The achievement of our mission depends on the support of the community that we live in. Even if you you not a college students at one of our campuses, we encourage you to take an active role in helping our homeless/at-risk neighbors. If you have a fundraising idea such as a lemonade stand or a bake sale that can help spread the word about homeless needs in the community, please contact us at our email and see how our volunteers can help you.

Thank you to our donors

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2019 Financial Expenditures

At Mustard Seed Project, we strive to dedicate most of our expenditures on relief operations, such as the Community Relief Fund and Weekly Streets Outreach.

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